April 17, 2010 Recap (First Round)

Here is a recap of April 17, 2010, Saturday.

Total Games: 4

Total Points: 773

Player of The Day: Carmelo Anthony

* = lead in category for both teams.

Game 1: Chicago Bulls(8) @ Cleveland Cavaliers(1)
Cleveland Leads Series 1-0

CLE: 96
CHI: 83

L. James 24 Pts
D. Rose 28 Pts*

CLE: A.Varejao 15 Reb*
CHI: J. Noah, K. Hinrich 8 Reb

CLE: M. Williams 10 Ast*
CHI: D. Rose 10 Ast*

Game Notes: Shaq came back from thumb surgery to get 12 points. This may have been a 13 point win by Cleveland but DO NOT under estimate Derrick Rose and the Bulls. This series should go to about 5 games.

Game 1: Milwaukee Bucks(6) @ Atlanta Hawks(3)
Atlanta Leads Series 1-0

ATL: 102
MIL: 92

ATL: J. Johnson 22 Pts
MIL: B. Jennings 34 Pts*

ATL: J. Smith 10 Reb*
MIL: K. Thomas 9 Reb

ATL: B. Jennings 3 Ast
MIL: J. Smith 4 Ast*

Game Notes: A good 10 point win for the Hawks. In order for the Bucks to beat the Hawks, they need to pass the ball. There were only a total of 12 assists in the game. Jennings needs to keep up the scoring and if the Hawks keep there good offense and defense up, they will win this matchup.

Game 1: Miami Heat(5) @ Boston Celtics(4)
Boston Leads Series 1-0

BOS: 85
MIA: 76

BOS: P. Pierce 16 Pts
MIA: D. Wade 26 Pts*

BOS: K. Garnett 9 Reb*
MIA: J. O’Neal 9 Reb*

BOS: R. Rondo 10 Ast*
MIA: D. Wade 6 Ast

Game Notes: This is the only game I really wanted to see from this Saturday. From D-Wade dominating in the paint to the fight with KG and Richardson. This game was pretty good. I say watch the rest of the series. 😉

Game 1: Utah Jazz(5) @ Denver Nuggets(4)
Denver Leads Series 1-0

DEN: 126
UTA: 113

DEN: C. Anthony 42 Pts*
UTA: D. Williams 26 Pts

DEN: K. Martin 12 Reb*
UTA: P. Millsap 10 Reb

DEN: C. Billups 8 Ast
UTA: D. Williams 11 Ast*

Game Notes: Man! This sounds like it was a GOOD game. I wish I watched this. Unfortunately I only saw a couple minutes of the 2nd quarter. Carmelo was cookin. So heres a tip for all you fantasy players on NBA.com/. Pick Carmelo Anthony, he will give you a lot of points in your fantasy games. Denver has this win of the series in the bag!

April 18, 2010, Sunday Schedule:

Game 1: Oklahoma City Thunder(8) @ Los Angeles Lakers(1)
April 18, 2010, Sunday
12:00 PM Pacific Time
Watch LIVE on ABC7
Series Tied 0-0

Game 1: Charlotte Bobcats (7) @ Orlando Magic (2)
April 18, 2010, Sunday
2:30 PM Pacific Time
Watch LIVE on TNT
Series Tied 0-0

Game 1: San Antonio Spurs(7) @ Dallas Mavericks(2)
April 18, 2010, Sunday
5:00 PM Pacific Time
Watch LIVE on TNT
Series Tied 0-0

Game 1: Portland Trailblazers(6) @ Phoenix Suns(3)
April 18, 2010, Sunday
7:30 PM Pacific Time
Watch LIVE on TNT
Series Tied 0-0

Instead of uploading highlights of each game to Youtube, I will be uploading only small clips of each game due to my bad internet connection. And if you don’t want these daily Playoff Update messages sent to you, then just tell me. Or I can have these sent to your email. If they were to be sent by email then they would have pictures and very good graphics that entertain.

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