Do we need a Jordanesque performance from Kobe? Shaun Powell: Not sure which disappeared faster, the Lakers’ lead in the NBA Finals or all of those Kobe-is-better-than-Jordan postseason proclamations.

Maybe one has something to do with the other. No question, Kobe Bryant carries the most weight in this series (figuratively, Big Baby, figuratively) and swag as well. He’s drawing the double and triple looks from the Celtics. Making some insane shots. Averaging 28.3 points, easily the highest in the Finals. And burning both ends, because he must keep up with Rajon Rondo.

But at this time of year, did Michael Jordan ever turn someone like Tony Allen into Dennis Johnson for a night? Did Jordan shoot less than 41 percent in the Finals, as Kobe is? Or look less like an MVP in the fourth quarter, as Kobe has the last two games?

You already know the answer to the above.

There’s certainly no shame in failing (so far, anyway) to reach the bar raised by MJ, who went 6-0 in Finals and always saved his best for last. And besides, Kobe never said he was as good or better than Jordan, his legions did. Still, this much, we know: Kobe needs to be Jordanesque from here for the Lakers to beat the Celtics, now drooling like a Big Baby at the possibility of stealing the championship.

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