NBA Finals Game 5: Lakers Go Down 3-2, Go back to LA

So, lets take a look at the Lakers situation in the Finals. There down 3-2 with game 6 and 7 in LA. A team who has been down 3-2 has only come back to win the series in the Finals 6 times. (List below)

  • 1994 – Rockets beat Knicks
  • 1988 – Lakers beat Pistons
  • 1978 – Bullets Beat Sonics
  • 1969 – Celtics Beat Lakers :l
  • 1962 – Celtics Beat Lakers :l
  • 1955 – Nationals Beat Pistons

So there is still a chance the Lakers can win.

Now to the Game 5 analysis. In this series, the rebound winner wins every game. Today, the Celtics got 35 and the Lakers got 34. The Lakers could’ve had a better chance at winning if Drew had gotten more rebounds. Drew had 1 total rebound which was an offensive one. No defensive rebounds. Then we look at the Lakers assists. They had 12 total assists. That means in Game 6 they need to pass the ball around more and stop trying to go one-on-one. Whenever the ball went into the post Pau or Drew would not post up correctly. Instead they would catch the ball, then go straight to the basket instead of backing the defender down. Then for the whole game the Lakers had 1 block which came from Kobe. Recently in this series, the Lakers had about 14 blocks with Pau getting 7 and Drew getting 6. But then Drew did just get his knee drained for the second time in the playoffs so that explains some of the game. The main reason we lost was the field goal %. The Lakers shot 39.7% off of 31-78 shooting as the Celtics shot 56.3% off of 40-71 shots. There needs to be major differences if the Lakers want to repeat.

Postgame Highlights:

Lamar Postgame:

Q. What would you like to see different defensively?

A. We need to get stops on defense.

~Lamar gets about double the stats on the road at home in this series.

Kobe Postgame:

~Tweeked ankle, got it re-taped at halftime.

~ Was asked if he is confident the Lakers will win two in a row at home and said he was not.

Ron Postgame:

  • Field Goals – 2-9
  • 3-Pters – 2-5
  • Pts – 7
  • Stl – 1

Averages in 2010 Finals:

  • 7.8 Pts
  • 30% field goal percentage

Pau Postgame:

  • Pts – 12 (Only other Laker besides Kobe to get into double figures)
  • Fgs – 5-12
  • Reb – 12
  • Blk – 0

1st Half: 2 Pts 1-4 fgs

2nd Half: 10 Pts 4-8 fgs


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