Lakers Money is Getting Tight

LA Times – Phil! Come back, Phil! Please come back!

Oh, you haven’t actually gone yet?

Phil Jackson, who gave Lakerdom enough memories to last the century, may have one left as the Lakers’ version of Shane, riding off into the sunset in the 1953 western with the little boy running after him, begging him to stay.
Suggesting how much of a local institution Jackson has become, Wednesday’s suggestion that he’s leaning toward retiring came as a shock, despite months of speculation he wouldn’t be back.

Imagine Lakers ownership’s devastation:

We didn’t even have a chance to offer him his pay cut!

Owner Jerry Buss told Jackson he hoped he’d return when they met this week, although they didn’t get into numbers.

Buss might not have wanted to spoil the moment, still reportedly intent on offering Jackson a $2-million-to-$3-million cut in his $12-million salary.

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