Lakers Get Caught in Free Agency Mess – The Lakers also are expected to enter the picture with a bid for Bosh as it became clear in the Finals they need more scoring. And you can be sure they don’t want to see a LeBron/Bosh pairing in Chicago with Rose and Noah to go against. The Raptors would like to get something in a sign-and-trade for Bosh, but they likely won’t deal him in the East. The Lakers are expected to offer Andrew Bynum, a legitimate low post center, and Lamar Odom, and take back Jarrett Jack, whom the Raptors would like to move.

I hope that the Lakers do not trade Lamar and Drew. That would beak apart a maginicficent championship team even more considering Farmar and Brown are leaving. And Lamar and Drew are worth way more than Bosh. Lamar and Drew are 2 very big guys who are apart of the Lakers’ 3 Punch. If they trade then it would just be Bosh and Pau. I don’t even really like Bosh.

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