Phil’s Health is Fine

Phil Jackson says his health will be a major factor in his decision to return to the Lakers.

CBS Sports –  Lakers coach Phil Jackson has yet to receive the full green light from doctors to coach again next season, but a person with strong ties to him said Monday early indications are that Jackson’s postseason physical went fine. If that’s the case, health won’t be the reason Jackson, 64, retires if that’s what he decides to do. The gut feeling with the source, who is familiar with Jackson’s thinking, remains that the 11-time champion will be back on the Lakers’ bench next season. As for the money required to keep Jackson there, that is expected to be worked out once Jackson indicates his willingness to return for an attempt at his 12th championship and third in a row. Two men affected by Jackson’s decision, Byron Scott and Brian Shaw, are in the running for the Cavaliers’ head coaching job. Shaw, a Lakers assistant, was in Cleveland Monday to speak with Cavs officials.

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