T-Mac on the Lakers?

Bleacher Report – Nobody would have predicted this. It wasn’t really that long ago when Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady were neck-and-neck in the debate over who was the most talented player — Shaq and Tim Duncan were still the most dominant — and explosive offensive weapon in the NBA. Today, Kobe and T-Mac are both 31 years old, but while Kobe is still pretty much in his prime and leading his team to championships, T-Mac is like a classic car running on fumes and still hasn’t been on the court in the second round of the playoffs … There have been plenty of “Damn, T-Mac is old” moments over the last couple years, but the final dagger may have happened over the weekend, when we heard McGrady (at Ron Artest’s urging) would be open to signing with the Lakers this summer for a reduced role and a big pay cut. In other words, T-Mac has entered the Glen Rice/Mitch Richmond/Gary Payton zone. He’s the old guy trying to snatch a ring on his way out even if it means being less Alpha Dog and more Adam Morrison.

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