Top 10 Coaches to Replace Phil Jackson

Bleacher Report

  1. Mike Brown
  2. Sam Mitchell
  3. Mike Krzyzewski
  4. Larry Brown
  5. Kurt Rambis
  6. Derek Fisher
  7. Byron Scott
  8. Jeff Van Gundy
  9. Brian Shaw
  10. Pat Riley

I really want Phil to stay but if he does leave, I would want Pat Riley to coach the Lakers. Pat has the experience and he has championship experience from when he coached the Lakers in the showtime era and the Heat in 2006. I would like Brian Shaw too because he was on the Lakers in the three-peat and can still work with Phil’s triangle offense. Then Byron Scott is a descendant of Pat Riley would also be good for the job. Kurt Rambs also a descendant of Riley and coached the Lakers with Jackson could be a very good choice of the new coach. The other coaches I’m not to sure of.

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