Phil’s New Plans

The Orange County Register – Here’s what Phil Jackson wants now.

Not just to go out on top. He wants to go out with the greatness that is appropriate to the greatest coach of all time.

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Phil Jackson led the Lakers to the 2010 NBA championship, but he is committed for one more season and already has drawn up some new ideas.

He wants his Lakers team to win gloriously next spring. He wants this fourth three-peat of his incomparable career to be a suitable capper.

He wants dominance, excellence, grace.

He wants this Lakers team to be better than those that handled an unworthy Orlando Magic team and staggered against a tough Boston Celtics team. There is plenty of room for improvement, and he wants the Lakers to move into that room, smell the incense he’ll light in there and be living there on self-built pedestals every single day.

He sat there in his office last week relieved to feel no more of the pressure of winning and leaned toward retiring. He drove up to Montana, heard doctors tell him there’s no reason for him not to keep working and tapped back into his awareness that there can be – and really should be – more.

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