LakerLand Episode #2 (July 4 – July 10)

           LakerLand is a Weekly Review of everything Lakers.

  • LakerLand Episode #2
  • July 4 – July 10 Week in Review

Top Stories:

‘New A23 Video: ‘Los Angeles Lakers 2010 NBA Champions Mix’

The new ATM Entertainment video, Los Angeles Lakers 2010 NBA Champions Mix, premiered July 4.

‘Lakers Open Up Negotiations With Fisher’

The Lakers opened up negotiations to get veteran point guard Derek Fisher to rejoin the Lakers. No offer has been made yet.

‘Why Kobe May Be The Biggest Winner in Free Agency?’

Since LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh have each teamed up on the Miami Heat, and all Kobe is really playing for is t0 be the greatest player of all time, Kobe just needs to beat the Miami Heat and win the championship. That would give Kobe his 6th ring to tie Jordan and a James, Wade, and Bosh combo is stronger than any trio in the Jordan Era.

‘Kobe to skip Turkey this summer’

Kobe has to decided to skip the Fiba World Championship in Turkey for a rest. Kobe has had a lot of work with the Lakers getting to the Finals in each of the past 3 years, Kobe is deciding to take a break from basketball.

‘Top 10 Phil Jackson Coached Teams’

Last years Los Angeles Lakers Championship team gets the number #8 spot.

‘Lamar and Ron Expected to get Reality TV Shows’

Ron Artest is going to produce a reality show “They Call Me Crazy” with E1 Entertainment and Tijuana Entertainment. Lamar Odom and his wife Khloe Kardashian are expected to get a reality show with E! Entertainment.

‘Kobe is lovin’ Steve Blake’

“I love that pickup,” Bryant said. “I love that pickup. Every time I played against Blake when he was in Portland and when he matched up with me, he obviously gave up a lot in size and weight but he fought me hard every time. And I hit him with some nasty elbows, believe me, but he kept fighting, he kept battling, kept battling and to me, that’s the kind of guy I want on my team so it says a lot about him.”

‘Top 10 Sidekicks in the NBA – #1 Pau Gasol’

Dime reported Pau Gasol as the #1 sidekick in the NBA.

‘Lakers First Concern: Signing Fisher’

Derek Fisher wants a 2-year deal worth $10 Million and the Lakers are $7 million below Fisher’s asking price.

‘Lakers Interested in Barnes’

The Lakers are interested in Matt Barnes but no offer is made.

‘Riley Trying to Reel in Fisher’

Pat Riley, GM of the Miami Heat is trying to get Derek Fisher to sign with the Miami Heat.

‘Lakers aren’t scared of LeBron and Miami’

Buss said to ESPN “What, me worry about Heat? No way.”

‘Shaw, Hamblen, Cleamons, will be resigned’

The Lakers will resign all of the Lakers assistant coaches.

‘Lakers Leaning Towards Letting Shannon Go’

The Lakers are leaning toward letting the Highflyer go. Brown opted out of his contract to possibly recieve more money from the Lakers. But Brown must of forgot what happened to Ariza in ’09.

‘Fisher and Agent Talk With Kupchak’

Inside SoCal – Fisher also has not ruled out a return to the Lakers. Talks between Fisher’s agent, Rob Pelinka, and Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak are said to be ongoing. In addition to the Heat, the Chicago Bulls, the Minnesota Timberwolves and the New Jersey Nets are believed to be interested in signing Fisher.

‘2010 Summer League: Lakers Lose to Pistons 89-84’

The Lakers lost there first Summer League game to the Pistons 89-84.


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