Kobe Bryant Movie?

Yes thats right. A Kobe Bryant Movie. Robert Rodriguez and Nike are makingt here own Kobe Bryant movie entitled “The Black Mamba” but ATM Entertainment is making its version of a Kobe Bryant movie called “The Untouchable”. The Untouchable is scheduled for release in December 2011 or Early 2012. A trailer is expected to premiere next Saturday with small Youtube Spots premiering throughout the year. The movie is expected to be 40-60 minutes long and will be presented in 720p High Definition Widescreen with highlights from Kobe’s whole career including his childhood and the highschool years.

The movie will be split into 5 – 10 minute parts to upload to Youtube and it is undecided whether they all will be uploaded in parts or all at once. We will update you through the year. Thank You.

-ATM Entertainment