Review – The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer

The Dark Knight Rises. Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film that is scheduled for release on July 20, 2012 in IMAX. I have actually been waiting for something like this to the next Batman movie for a while. We were given one pixel for every tweet on the picture of Bane, which was pretty cool. Then we were shown the official poster of the TDKR. When I saw The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer in my subscriptions box on Youtube, I actually didn’t know what to expect. Of course I expected it to be awesome, it’s a Nolan film. But it seems so far from the release date.

The trailer first starts off with various clips from the other Nolan Batman films (Batman Begins 2005, The Dark Knight 2008). We also hear Ras Al Ghul speaking to Bruce when he trained him. We hear the one of the great lectures and quotes Ras Al Ghul once told Batman. “If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, then you become something else entirely. A legend, Mr Wayne. A LEGEND”. Then we see Commisioner Gordon in a hospital bed obviously struggling with his breathing and for his life. We are barely able to see a head in the left. Which is Bruce’s head since he seems to respond to Gordon. He doesn’t seem to use the deep and weird Batman voice and Gordon is telling him he wants Batman back saying “we were in this together” referring to him and Batman, so this may tell that Bruce has revealed he is Batman to Gordon.

“We were in this together… and then you were gone… And now this evil rises. The Batman must come back.” -Commisioner Gordon

“What if he doesn’t exist any more?” -Bruce Wayne

“He must… he must.” -Commisioner Gordon

Then we see buildings falling, which might represent the Batman falling, but we then rise up past the building into the sky to see the a bat symbol, that might represent how, The Dark Knight Rises…

The logo of TDKR shown at 1:18 is very simple and seems to be some sort of Arial font. Though it is simple, it seems perfect for the occassion. Batman is nothing special to the people these days in the movie, but he is unique. We then get a glimpse of Batman getting ready to fight a big figure, Bane.

I liked the trailer overall for it just being a teaser. I think it showed us just a glimpse of what we are going to get with TDKR. I also like how they showed very little of Bane and no Catwoman. This makes the anticipation even better.

Overall Teaser Trailer Grade: 9.0

-ATM 23