Review – “Three Musketeers” Trailer

What I don’t understand is why it’s called “Three Musketeers” when there are four of them? Anyone? Well, to me this looks like another shoot and miss judging by the trailer. It looks as if it will be countless sword fight and almost too much action (that possible?). I really don’t understand what the story is about, it’s about 1:25 seconds so I don’t really know. And stop saying “Oh Hollywood…” It’s not Hollywood. It’s writers writing their imagination.

Look at it this way, even if a movie may seems bad, still go and watch it, you’ll either be suprised or dissapointed. Almost every movie entertains the audience. This one, I’ll probably be waiting for it on DVD to see it unless another trailer is released with more of the story and footage.

Overall Trailer Rating: 7.5

Story: 6.0

Cinematic Look: 8.0

Music: 9.0

Entertainment: 7.5

When To Go See: No Rush

3D Or 2D: 2D, no need to spend more money.

-ATM 23