Review – 3D Re-Release – “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace” Trailer – 2012

Release Date: February 10, 2012

For this review, I’m gonna do it a little bit out of the ordinary since this came out about 12 years ago and almost everyone’s seen it. Now, I am one of the biggest Star Wars fans you’ll ever meet. I absolutely love Star Wars. To tell you the truth, my favorite movie of all time is Episode III. That’s right, Revenge Of The Sith. I also think the prequel trilogy is better than the original. Yeahhhh, come at me people. Well, I never was able to go see the original premieres of these movies in theaters, so I was extremely happy when I first heard the news of all of the movies being re-released in 3D in theaters. I am definitely going to see all of the Star Wars movies in 3D for the years to come. I mean, can you imagine the beginning crawl going up and out in the beginning of the movie? FREAKING AWESOME. I also, love what they did to the Lucasfilm logo. Go, watch the trailer and be amazed. Now I’ll probably be a little biased with this rating right here, but who cares?

Overall Rating: 9.5