Ep. 23 | “The Godfather Tribute – 40th Anniversary” | HD

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Known as one of the greatest films of all time, quite possibly the greatest. “The Godfather” is truly a phenomenon and a masterpiece. From the mind of Mario Puzo, the directing skills of Francis Ford Coppola, and an amazing cast such as Marlon Brandon, Al Pacino, James Caan, and others, The Godfather to this day, remains a fan favorite.

The Godfather exhibits almost all aspects of a great movie. A beautiful storyline, actors, look, clothing, action, sadness, happiness, and suspense. Also, an amazing establishment of mood and time. Marlon Brando truly puts his brilliance in acting on display in this movie. Perfectly showing how Don Corleone would act from the novel to the big screen. The iconic voice, look, and sayings. “I’m gonna make him and offer he can’t refuse”, which is ranked as the second greatest quote of all time by the American Film Institute. Al Pacino also shows his acting skills by portraying Michael Corleone, the song of the Don who didn’t want to join the family business. He went into the army then came home planning on finishing school. We all know the rest of Michael’s story if you have ever seen Part II and Part III of the Godfather Trilogy.

March 24, 2012 marked the 40th Anniversary of The Godfather original premiere. It’s been a long time, and to think it is still considered one of the greatest…

These days, it’s very hard to judge or even dislike a film like The Godfather in this generati0n. After hearing of it’s brilliance and how great it is, it’s almost impossible to dislike it. This film is truly legendary, and will always stay atop the greatest films of all time.


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